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What we want is your comfort in everyday activities and self-confidence made easy.

For us two, Annija and Paula, aesthetics and comfort are more than a passion. It is a lifestyle. In 2020, we set out on this exciting journey to discover an authentically comfortable way to live, work and enjoy ourselves at home. This shared enthusiasm has made us more than friends and colleagues; more than business partners, even. It has made us MUTA.

Join us on our journey and discover how you can enjoy your everyday life with comfort and grace!

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your body

Every body enjoys their own love language. For Paula, staying on the active side and indulging herself in refreshing Gym sessions does it. Annija feels her best spending quality time with her family or going for a walk or a longer hike.

Thank you is so nice to hear. Does your body know that you appreciate it? This may be the time to let it know. But how? ​

What does your body enjoy doing?

Relaxed or ready to explode into action, your body is best equipped for a good time when it feels – and looks – good. Put on your favorite organic MUTA set and let your body feel appreciated for what it can do for you.

What is your story?
We would love to be a part of it!

Annija & Paula